Padmate T5 Bluetooth Headset

Model No.: KP-2106


This product has a minimum quantity of 100

Brand: PadMate

Size: 27.6 x 20 x 20mm

Bluetooth version: V5.0

Transmission distance: 10m

Waterproof level: IPX5

Color: black+white

Trademark printing: silk screen / Epoxy LOGO

Packing: conventional color box

Features: Bilateral stereo, fast charging, 6G lightweight body, water-repellent and sweat-resistant

Padmate Tempo T5 is the latest wireless Bluetooth headset in 2019, using the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 (Bluetooth 5.0), with a transmission distance of up to ten meters. The improved polymer lithium battery enhances the endurance, the charging time is only about two hours, it can stand by for about 100 hours, the continuous talk time is about 4.5 hours, and the music time is 3.5 hours. The strong sustainability allows you to use it with peace of mind at any time.

The body is slimmer and lighter

The size of Padmate Tempo T5 is only 27.6*20.4*19.5mm, and the weight of a single earphone is only 5 grams, which is slim and practical and easy to carry.

IPX6 waterproof and sweatproof design

What is IP 67 or IPX7? IP is the international protection level certification code, and the first number after IP is solid particle protection, which represents the ability of the product shell to prevent the entry of external solid objects, that is, the "dust level", which is based on 0-6 points. Generally speaking It is said that the devices on the market that claim to be "dustproof" are the strongest level 6, which is completely dustproof.


0: Unable to protect contact and foreign object intrusion

1: Object size >50 mm, unable to protect body parts from contact

2: Object size> 12.5 mm, can defend finger size or similar objects, electric sockets are commonly used.

3: Object size> 2.5 mm, can prevent wires from extending in.

4: Object size> 1 mm, to prevent most of the small sharp tools or ants from entering the device.

5: Dust-proof, there must be sufficient amount of dust to enter to affect the device.

6: Completely dustproof, completely prevent all objects from contacting

The second number is liquid penetration protection. The strength of the shell’s ability to resist liquid penetration is the "waterproof level". There are 0-8 levels. Generally speaking, the current market standard can only be called its own if it reaches level 6 or higher. The product is waterproof.


0: No waterproof function

1: Dripping water, the amount of water is equal to 1mm of rainfall per minute, for 10 minutes.

2: Inclined 15° to drip water, when it is inclined to 15°, the amount of water is 3mm rainfall per minute, and it is maintained for 10 minutes.

3: Spray, hold for 5 minutes under the water volume per minute: 0.7 L and the water pressure: 80-100 kPa.

4: Splash, keep for 5 minutes under the water volume per minute: 10 L and the water pressure: 80-100 kPa.

5: Low pressure water column, water volume per minute: 12.5 L and water pressure: 30kPa when the distance is 3m, no negative effect for at least 3 minutes.

6: High-pressure water column, water volume per minute: 100 L and water pressure: 100kPa when the distance is 3m, no negative effect for at least 3 minutes.

7: Immerse in water up to 1m, no damage in 30 minutes.

8: The water depth is more than 1m, which is suitable for long-term immersion in water, or the device can enter water without negative effects.

Compatible with IOS/Android system, as long as there is Bluetooth, one-key connection.


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